The BUSINESS Opportunity for YOU !!!

Wide range of popular, quality perfumes at affordable prices
Acapella Fragrances offer entrepreneurs the exciting and rewarding business opportunity to join a rapidly expanding network of successful perfume distributors. There are business opportunities among all communities, age groups and income groups for individuals to sell Sunbird Perfumes and to build their own distributor networks, while earning personal sales profits of up to 55%.

The perfume market is huge – the majority of adults and even teenagers are potential customers. Acapella Fragrances offer consumers excellent product quality and affordable prices and will therefor appeal to a significant portion of all consumers who use perfume.

With no overheads and no start-up costs other than stock, there are simply no financial risks yet enormous potential earnings. You will have peace of mind in the knowledge that perfumes have been popular for many centuries and that, with the great value that Acapella Fragrances offer to consumers, you could be developing a business that could serve you for many years to come.

The Direct Selling sales channel is one of the fastest growing sales channels world-wide and has many advantages for manufacturers of products, distributors and consumers. With the above average financial rewards that can be earned by distributors selling Sunbird perfumes, you will certainly find many people who will be interested to join your selling network.

Every Month…

± 1600 Active Sunbird Distributors
Sell ± 50 000 Bottles of Perfume and Lotion
Earn >R2 600 000 profit between them
Top Distributor earns R20 000 – R40 000


Huge Market
2.5 million bottles per month in SA

Great Products
Quality, Price, Range

Excellent Profits
Profit on Personal Sales (35% – 55%)
Profit on Sales of Downlines


✓ Start Big or Small
✓ Part Time or Full Time
✓ Low Start up costs
✓ Be your own boss
✓ A Business for a Lifetime
✓ Anyone can do it…